May 2022

Packaging in Germany - Extended registration obligation as of July 1, 2022

On 03 , May 2022 | In | By Gisa Scheschonka

On July 1, 2022, a new stage of the amendment to the German Packaging Act will come into force. All companies that commercially place packaged goods on the market in Germany must register with the Central Packaging Register. Until today, the registration obligation was limited to so-called packaging that is subject to system participation. Now, ...


Apr 2022

Complex Copyright Levy System in Slovenia

On 25 , Apr 2022 | In | By Wolfram Kühn

New tariffs and tariff calculations for copyright levies will apply in Slovenia as of 1 July 2022. Where the levy on most products is expected to increase, some will remain unchanged. Since the reintroduction of the levy system in 2019, there has been annual adjustments of tariffs in Slovenia. The regular adjustment has pros and cons for obligated ...


Apr 2022

1cc presents at Future Bridge Conference in Brussels

On 20 , Apr 2022 | In | By Katharina Rehders

For quite a few products it has to be clarified whether they fall within the scope of the EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU at all. How to deal with such borderline cases is explained by Monika Šrubařová in her presentation "Dealing with RoHS borderline cases - from (integrated) functionalities to built-in devices" at the Future Bridge Conference ...


Apr 2022

1cc - Team news

On 13 , Apr 2022 | In | By Lisa Schmidt

Fabian Barbera joined the 1cc team in October 2021 as a Junior Environmental Consultant in the field of WEEE, batteries and packaging. Fabian completed a dual study-program at the DHBW Stuttgart and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. This was coupled with an internship at our sister company, TechProtect GmbH. Fabian has had ...


Mar 2022

United Kingdom: New Plastic Packaging Tax from 1 April 2022

On 30 , Mar 2022 | In | By Gisa Scheschonka

In the United Kingdom, a new tax on plastic packaging will become due on 1 April 2022. The tax concerns packaging made of plastics containing less than 30 percent recycled material. The tax will affect companies that produce more than 10 tonnes of plastic packaging per year in the UK or import it into the UK. They will now have to pay £200 per ...


Mar 2022

ECJ Clears the Way for Copyright Levies on Cloud Storage

On 25 , Mar 2022 | In | By Wolfram Kühn

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) clarified an important question on copyright levies: those who privately store works in the cloud owe copyright levies to authors, producers and artists. As expected, the ECJ's interpretation of the question at hand appeared yesterday, 24. March 2022, (C-433/20). 1cc reported last September on the Advocate ...


Mar 2022

Copyright levies: New products and tariffs in Belgium

On 21 , Mar 2022 | In | By Wolfram Kühn

Following years of negotiations, matters have finally moved forward: the Royal decree amending the royal decree of 18 October 2013 relating to the right to remuneration for private copying is in place for the new copyright levy system in Belgium and the binding date for entry into force is 1. April 2022. Companies have to adjust their processes ...


Mar 2022

Denmark: Sales Volume Reports in the New Danish Copyright Levy-System

On 17 , Mar 2022 | In | By Wolfram Kühn

As previously announced, the new system for copyright levies in Denmark has come into force at the beginning of the year. It is time now for the practical implementation. Considering that many companies have opted for a quarterly reporting frequency, the first volume reports for the new scope will soon be due. Although the respective law was ...


Mar 2022

Germany: Next stages of the Packaging Act (VerpackG) come into force

On 09 , Mar 2022 | In | By Gisa Scheschonka

Further obligations arising from the new Packaging Act (VerpackG) will come into force this year. These include new verification obligations and an extended registration requirement. New verification obligations since January 1, 2022 As of 1 January 2022, manufacturers of so-called B2B packaging, transport packaging, and additional outer packaging ...


Jan 2022

1cc free Webinar: 1 year of SCIP obligation – What you need to know

On 31 , Jan 2022 | In | By Lisa Schmidt

In this webinar, we provide you with an overview of the SCIP developments since it entered into force on January 5, 2021. You will also learn about the obligation and background itself, as well as gaining insights about difficulties and tips for being able to deal with the obligation. Date: 23/February/2022 Time: 04:00 PM (CEST) Language: English ...

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