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Sep 2023

Upcoming Free 1cc Webinars in October 2023

On 26 , Sep 2023 | In | By Alisa Maier

Have you already heard about our free webinars 1cc organizes every week in October 2023? Register now for our upcoming webinars to save your seat! (*Please click on the image or the link to register now) WEEE in Germany: How does the ElektroG in Germany impact foreign and local producers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE)? 11 October ...


Aug 2023

Meet Us at the IFA Trade Show in Berlin

On 24 , Aug 2023 | In | By Alisa Maier

The IFA Trade Show will take place from 01 to 05 September 2023. IFA Berlin is the world's largest consumer electronics and home appliances trade show. Our Senior Presales and Business Development Consultant Günther Häufele will be present on Monday, 04 September. If you would like to meet him there, please feel free to contact him by email at ...


Aug 2023

Copyright Levy Obligations for Refurbished Devices Always Existed

On 15 , Aug 2023 | In | By Wolfram Kühn

It comes unexpected to many companies that copyright levies are also imposed on refurbished and remarketed cell phones, tablets, PCs, hard drives, etc. However, it is meanwhile a well-known practice. 1cc has been providing information on this issue for a long time: More and more countries are taking a clear position on the subject of the levy ...


Aug 2023

EU Commission adopted Delegated Act on Environmental Taxonomy

On 02 , Aug 2023 | In | By Julia Feuring

This new delegated act marks the further development of the EU Commission's list of environmentally sustainable activities by defining technical screening criteria for each environmental objective according to the EU Taxonomy Regulation 2020/825. In particular, for activities that contribute to the transition to a circular economy, technical ...


Jul 2023

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): How Manufacturers Take Responsibility for the Environment

On 11 , Jul 2023 | In | By Alisa Maier

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is a concept that is becoming increasingly more important in the field of environmental protection and sustainability. In this blog post, we address the question of where the increasing relevance comes from and look at the definition, as well as the impact on companies and consumers. What is Extended Producer ...


Jul 2023

France: Submission Deadline of the Eco-Design and Waste Prevention Plans Is Approaching!

On 10 , Jul 2023 | In | By Tatjana Möllmann

As we informed you in our blog in January, companies placing products on the French market are obligated to prepare a 5-year waste prevention and eco-design plan starting 2023. This obligation is applicable to all sectors subject to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and concerns among others electronic and electrical equipment, batteries and ...


Jun 2023

EU Parliament Approves New Battery Law

On 26 , Jun 2023 | In | By Liliane Buhociu

The EU Parliament reached a consensus this week on the long-awaited proposal for a regulation on batteries and waste batteries that was initially tabled in December 2020. The new Regulation aims at promoting circular economy and reducing the environmental and social impact throughout all stages of the battery life cycle. The most significant ...


Jun 2023

Online Sellers Accountable for Copyright Levies in Greece

On 21 , Jun 2023 | In | By Wolfram Kühn

Grasping the extent of copyright levy obligations for distant sellers under EU-law and national legislation has always been challenging. The obligation to report distant-sales of certain IT and CE equipment and payment of the respective copyright levies due through online-trade was only taken into account a few years ago. The European Court of ...


Jun 2023

Don't Miss Europe's Leading Event for Electronics Recycling in 2023

On 20 , Jun 2023 | In | By Alisa Maier

Europe's leading event for electronics recycling, the E-Waste World Conference & Expo 2023 will take place again on 28- 29 June 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany. Our expert Tanja Hermann will be attending this event as well. This two-day event addresses three major topics: battery Recycling, E-waste Recycling, and metal Recycling. Companies from ...


Jun 2023

ECHA Added Two New SVHCs to the REACH Candidate List

On 15 , Jun 2023 | In | By Ute Binder

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) updated the REACH Candidate List on 14 June 2023. Two Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) were added to the list due to their hazardous properties. The Candidate List of SVHC for substances that may require authorization in the future, now contains 235 substances that may cause harm to human health or the ...

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