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Oct 2023

EPR for Furniture in France: 1cc Offers a New Compliance Service

On 23 , Oct 2023 | In | By Fjollë Kabashi

Furniture for private consumers has become subject to extended producer responsibility (EPR) in France since last year, 2022. The legal framework for this sector was created by the so-called "Loi AGEC" (Circular Economy Act) of 10 February 2020. Our new compliance service helps support you in meeting your EPR obligations for furniture for private consumers in France.

If you answer is "yes" to the following two questions, then your company is most likely affected by the new EPR obligations for private consumer furniture:

Do any of the following manufacturer definitions apply to your company?

  1. "Any person who commercially manufactures, imports, assembles or places on the national market furnishing elements intended either for transfer against payment or free of charge to the final consumer, regardless of the manner of transfer, or used directly on the national territory, is considered a manufacturer. If those elements are transferred under the trademark of a retailer or a principal, the affixing of which results from a contractual document, this retailer or principal shall be considered a manufacturer"
  2. "Any person who supplies furnishings on a commercial basis to the person who will use them, regardless of the distribution technique used, including remote or electronic communications, shall be considered a distributor."

Does your product portfolio contain any of the following categories?

  • Bathroom furniture
  • Technical furniture and office furniture
  • Kitchen
  • Home improvement, decoration, garden and leisure
  • Storage & furnishing
  • Bedding & bedroom
  • Childcare
  • Lounge & living Room
  • Hardware & accessories
  • Textile decoration


We can help support you in the following services:

  • Registration of your products,
  • Reporting of your product data in the required frequency per theme,
  • obtaining the Unique Identifier (UIN), which must be indicated in the General Terms and Conditions and in all other contractual documents to certify your conformity.


Why should you choose 1cc GmbH as your service provider?

  • Because we work closely with compliance organizations in France, and
  • We have decades of experience in different EPR topics and compliance issues in various countries.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is ready to help support and guide you step-by-step to fulfil your legal obligations towards attaining compliance!


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