May 2022

EPR in France and Germany for Online Sellers and Marketplace Vendors

On 19 , May 2022 | In | By Romain Letenneur

EPR compliance has been mandatory in Europe for more than a decade.

It means all EU countries have implemented the principles of WEEE, waste battery and waste packaging directives.

In this context, online sellers are defined as companies selling by means of distance communication to end users in another country. Therefore, companies making their product available on their e-shops or via marketplaces have to be compliant in all EU countries where the products are supposed to be sold.

A company which is for example based in China and is selling online to a German consumer must be compliant. And it is exactly the same in all EU countries.

The same is true for EU based companies selling online to consumers in other EU member states.

With regard to registration, online sellers in each EU Member State will be issued with a unique identification/registration number (UIN) for each product category subject to extended producer responsibility, i.e. electrical equipment, batteries and packaging respectively.

From 2022: Marketplaces require UIN from Online Sellers

In France and Germany, among others, operators of electronic marketplaces may only allow those online sellers to use their platform who are properly registered. As a result, the marketplaces require online sellers and third-party providers to provide them with the relevant identification/registration numbers (UIN). Already since last year, the marketplaces have been increasingly communicating about this and informing their sellers about their obligations under extended producer responsibility.

The 1cc EPR Compliance Solution for Multiple Countries

1cc GmbH specialises in compliance solutions in Europe and has over 25 years of experience in this field. We have a strong focus on extended producer responsibility, and offer services for the setup, organisation, coordination, management and maintenance of compliance for producers, online sellers, OEMs and other obligated parties.

1cc GmbH offers a simple and reliable compliance solution for Germany, France as well as for all other EU countries to enable online sellers to comply in a simple way.

We manage the central reporting for our clients via a reporting tool, complying with the statutory reporting deadlines (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually) as well as country-specific requirements.

Beyond our EPR one stop compliance services, we also provide consulting, for example on the mandatory labelling of products and packaging.

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