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Jul 2023

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): How Manufacturers Take Responsibility for the Environment

On 11 , Jul 2023 | In | By Alisa Maier

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is a concept that is becoming increasingly more important in the field of environmental protection and sustainability. In this blog post, we address the question of where the increasing relevance comes from and look at the definition, as well as the impact on companies and consumers. What is Extended Producer ...


Jul 2023

France: Submission Deadline of the Eco-Design and Waste Prevention Plans Is Approaching!

On 10 , Jul 2023 | In | By Tatjana Möllmann

As we informed you in our blog in January, companies placing products on the French market are obligated to prepare a 5-year waste prevention and eco-design plan starting 2023. This obligation is applicable to all sectors subject to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and concerns among others electronic and electrical equipment, batteries and ...

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